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ServiceOne Features




The ServiceOne Web Self-Service is designed to empower your customers by providing access to your enterprise information and to perform related activity with ease.


Submit Case
Customers can easily raise a query, request or a complaint through your ServiceOne portal attuned exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Real-time Case Status
Customer can easily track their case status online & real-time – any time – anywhere. Each status change sends an auto email to your customer keeping them informed about the real time progress of their cases.


Customer Interactions
With a unique feature – ‘Customer Interactions’ which eases your customer and service representative mode of interactions to discuss on a specific topic against a Case. Your customers and your service representative can easily interact on a topic against a Case ensuring that your customers’ questions or complaints are well understood and the service is delivered to meet customers’ expectations.


Reopen Case
A configurable functionality which allows customer to re-open a closed case, if customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by support team thus ensuring that all the needs of customers are meet to highest level of standards in order to achieve customer satisfaction.


View Case History
Customers can easily view all their support cases along with their status. It not only allows them to view cases created from portal but also the cases which are created from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Knowledge Center

The ServiceOne Knowledge Center brings your enterprise information to your customers’ desktop.


Search articles by Keywords
Let your customer search and discover answers to their queries using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Knowledge Base. The smart keyword search functionality easily allow customers to search relevant information based on keywords.


Search articles by Subjects
Provide additional option to your customer to search relevant Microsoft Dynamics CRM Knowledge Base articles by narrowing down the search using subject tree – a categorized list of subjects.


Resource Center

ServiceOne Resource Center allows you to upload and share documents and media on your portal for your customers to download.

Allows you to easily upload any file type – may be a document or a media file on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with ServiceOne Web Self-Service Portal. Categorize it based on the resource type and tag it with keywords to help your customers to find it easily on the portal.


Provide your customer with a feature to search and download relevant documents / media from Resource Center.


MD5 Hash
With a provision of MD5 hash, your customer can easily validate that if the downloaded files are same as the original files on the server.. Thus your customer can check if file has not been corrupted during data transfer.


Customize and Configure

ServiceOne Web Self-Service Portal is a great way for an organization to provide its customers a dedicated system to login and access relevant data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ServiceOne Web Self-Service Portal is easy-to-configure portal providing high level of customizations and configuration settings from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and /or ServiceOne Portal.

One Time Setup
Weather you opt for ServiceOne Native or ServiceOne Hybrid, you just have to configure the settings one time and publish the portal to set your customer portal up and running.


Web Page Content
As a portal administrator add or modify content of your portal site as per your business requirements and publish it for the end users.


Self Registration
ServiceOne Portal comes with an option to configure user registration process. You can either set the system to auto or manual approval. Configuring self-registration to auto approval allows your existing CRM system contacts to self-register and access the portal.


Modules and Menu Settings
ServiceOne portal gives you flexibility to select the modules and menu options to be published on your customer facing portal according to your requirements.


Branding your portal
Enhance the User Experience by Configuring your portal to reflect your brand by uploading your logo and selecting the relevant theme. You also have an option to give your own name to the portal.


Profile Management
Allow your portal users to self-manage their profile. With User Profile Management, empower your customers to manage their personal information.