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ServiceOne Edge

ServiceOne Edge

ServiceOne is a Web self-service portal attuned with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


“Empower your Customer and Enhance Service Efficiency”

The ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal is aimed to empower the customer with enterprise knowledge quickly accessible to the customers and enabling them to perform related activities with ease. ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal is an interactive platform which enables you to meet customer expectations by allowing you to engage and interact with customers, understand their expectations, answer their queries and take action on the issues. It also enables you to share enterprise knowledge base with your customers and keep them enriched with the latest information.
ServiceOne Web Self-Service brings a unified brand experience in an easy-to-configure portal, allowing organizations to reduce interactions with more costly customer service channels. ServiceOne comes with two solutions ServiceOne Native and ServiceOne Hybrid. Each of these comes with two deployment options – On Premise & Online. The architecture of both the solutions is designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Gateway to your Customers”

ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal is a customer dedicated platform which offers a comprehensive range of customer service in a personalized service environment to your customers. ServiceOne Portal enables you to provide your customers with much-needed access to your enterprise information via highly personalized and interactive services over the web. ServiceOne Portal enables your customers to receive answers to their questions, submit cases and query your CRM knowledge base. With a unique feature of customer interactions, and a range of self-service options, you’ll enhance your customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.
ServiceOne Web Self-Service Portal enables your support team to lower turn-around times on support issues, offering customers an instant and efficient way to find answers to their queries or issues. Thereby saving your customer’s valuable time from reaching out directly to customer contact center. ServiceOne Web self-service portal is a gateway of advancing your relationship with customers; and your outreach to new customers.

“Facilitate Customer-Centricity”

ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal helps your organization to be outstanding in today’s competitive marketplace by leveraging customer-centricity for continual customer satisfaction and business growth. ServiceOne Web self-service portal enables a personalized approach towards customers, using customer interaction feature, which enables organizations to focus on co-creating value and efficiently managing the customer experience and building long term relationship.
The key element to build and maintain a customer-centric organization is to ensure your business strategy revolves around customer needs and expectations. Your customers know exactly what they want. However, it can be challenging to get them to communicate with the right people in your organization in a timely manner. ServiceOne Web Self-Service Portal allows your customers to communicate their suggestions, ideas and concerns to the key individuals and teams, that ultimately make the decisions eventually advancing to service improvements. With ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal you can increase customer interaction and engagement via the web.

“Reduce your Operating Cost”

ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal encourages your customer to become more self-reliant when it comes to seeking out enterprise information or support issues. ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal enables your customers to raise their support issues 24/7 as an alternative for reaching out directly to customer contact center. Implementation of various service support channels for any business, requires vast investments, especially for fast-growing companies with limited time and resources. However ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal offers a range of benefits similar to the companies and their customers. Customers get what they want faster and companies decrease their service costs.
ServiceOne Web Self-Service portal encourages your customer to help themselves instead of having someone else doing it for them. Thus by enabling a channel of self-service for the customer, it prevents customers from reaching out directly to customer contact centers, thereby reducing your operational and associated costs for service support.